Site Protected

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has awarded 193 Land Acquisition grants totaling over $81.5 million to protect sites located throughout the state of Illinois. The sites range from privately-owned preserves that are open to the public to county forest preserves and conservation areas, to national forests and wildlife refuges. Except for a small number of the project sites that are protected by conservation easements, the majority of the Foundation-supported natural areas are open to the public for wildlife viewing and passive recreation. Most of the sites are managed with the help of some type of citizen volunteer involvement in monitoring or directly caring for the natural resources.

When planning to visit any of these locations or inquiring about ways to get involved in stewardship, please refer to the organization that owns the property for hours of operation and activities. Both original grantees and current property owners are listed within the description of each site. There is a lag between the year grants are awarded and when the maps are shared to allow Foundation grantees time to complete the transactions.

19 Sites Protected 2020, map and descriptions

26 Sites Protected 2018-2019, map and descriptions

51 Sites Protected 2013-2017, map and descriptions

130 Sites Protected 2002-2012, map and descriptions