Is the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation still accepting grant applications?
As of December 1, 2023, the Foundation is not accepting new grant applications.

Why is the Foundation no longer accepting grant applications?
The Foundation takes its mission to support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the protection of natural areas and wildlife habitat very seriously. It is proud of the progress that has been made over its 24-year history and is excited about the innovation still ahead. It is now determining the next steps in its evolution and how it can best fulfill its mission in the future.

If our organization was awarded a grant, will it be funded?
The Foundation will fund all grants that have already been awarded. If a grant has been approved, whether in the past few years, or more recently, it will be funded subject to the provisions of the grant agreement.

When do you expect to accept grants again?
At this time, we do not anticipate making grants to any other organization. For additional information, please visit the Press Release on the News tab.

What has been the Foundation’s impact on energy efficiency and the environment?
Since 1999, the Foundation has supported 3,617 energy efficiency projects, 725 renewable energy projects, 16 net zero energy buildings, 3 net zero waste water treatment plants and 716 natural areas projects. The Foundation has co-funded projects that protected more than 35,000 acres of natural areas and wildlife habitat in Illinois. To date, the Foundation has distributed $351 million in grants to Illinois schools, municipalities, local government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The Foundation is proud that its grants have supported energy efficiency and environmental activities in 101 of the 102 Illinois counties.