Foundation Updates

November 29, 2023

Founded in 1999, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (the Foundation) has supported programs that improve energy efficiency, advance the development and use of renewable energy resources, and protect natural areas and wildlife habitat in communities across Illinois. Effective December 1, 2023, the Foundation is not accepting new grant applications. All previously awarded grants will be funded subject to the provisions of each grant agreement.

The Foundation is proud of the positive impact it has had on efficient, renewable energy and natural areas preservation in Illinois over the last 24 years. Foundation grants have supported clean energy and open lands activities in 101 of the 102 counties in Illinois.

From inception until October 31, 2023, the Foundation has awarded $351 million to Illinois schools, municipalities, local government agencies and nonprofit organizations. It has awarded 3,617 energy efficiency grants, 725 renewable energy grants, 16 net zero energy buildings grants, three net zero wastewater treatment plant grants and 716 natural areas grants.

The Foundation is now evaluating options to best serve Illinois’ needs and support its mission going forward.

“The Foundation is proud of the positive impact it has had throughout Illinois over the last 24 years. Together with grant recipients, it has demonstrated that adopting energy efficiency measures, using renewable energy resources, and preserving natural areas and wildlife habitat make environmental and financial sense for Illinois,” said Dennis O’Brien, Executive Director of the Foundation.

“In addition to funding more than 4,300 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, the foundation has co-funded projects that protected more than 35,000 acres of natural areas and wildlife habitat in Illinois. It is rewarding to see the many positive changes in environmental awareness and policies over the years. We are excited about the progress so far and the innovation still ahead,” said O’Brien.

Further information regarding the Foundation’s future activities will be provided in the coming months.

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