First Responders Resilience Pilot Program

This program helped improve the resilience of critical infrastructure through the installation of solar photovoltaic/energy storage systems.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels with battery energy storage (BES) can provide electricity during power outages and emergencies. Facilities providing critical services can dramatically increase their resilience and ability to continue operating during emergencies if they have a PV/BES system in place. During non-emergency periods, the PV/BES system can reduce electricity purchases from the grid and utility demand charges; in some cases, PV/BES systems can also participate in the demand response and frequency regulation markets.

  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) published a document on valuing the resilience provided by PV/BESS.
  • A decision support model to recommend the optimal mix of renewable energy and energy storage is available through NREL.
  • The Illinois Finance Authority¬†provides financing for local units of government to finance essential purpose infrastructure projects.
  • The Illinois EPA Office of Energy, in partnership with ISTC and SEDAC, are offering no-cost energy assessments to publicly owned water supply facilities. Public Infrastructure Energy Assessments