About the Foundation

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation was established in December 1999 as an independent foundation with a $225 million endowment provided by Commonwealth Edison.
Our mission is to improve energy efficiency, advance the development of renewable energy resources and protect natural areas in communities all across Illinois.

Over the past fourteen years, the Foundation has provided financial support for clean energy investments in Illinois through a variety of programs. To date, we have awarded over 4,300 grants providing $204 million to Illinois nonprofit organizations, schools, municipalities and other local and state government agencies. The grants support activities in every one of Illinois' 102 counties.

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Foundation Staff

Dennis F. O'Brien
Executive Director

Robert Romo

Senior Program Officer, Energy Efficiency

Jolie Krasinski

Program Officer, Natural Areas

Gabriela Martin

Program Officer, Renewable Energy

Nick Poplawski
Program Analyst

Samantha Hill
Program Analyst

Alice Sarmiento
Director of Operations/Controller

Keyonnie Dowdell
Technology Manager & Grant Administrator

Mikei Jackson
Administrative Assistant