Advancing Wetland Conservation

Additional Criteria for Advancing Wetlands Conservation

  • Projects result in the creation of natural habitat
  • Habitat improvements are measured
  • Ecosystem services (i.e. flood storage, nutrient reduction, pollination, carbon storage) are measured
  • Applicant organization has a plan to share the strategies, tools and results with other actors who may use it to improve additional habitat in Illinois

Additional Considerations for Advancing Wetlands Conservation Requests

  • Grantees may test ways to finance the initial restoration and continued habitat protection during or after the life of the grant project
  • Grantees may sell credits for environmental services (i.e. wetland mitigation, nutrient farming) subject to applicable laws and regulations
  • Project sites may include working lands (i.e. farmland)
  • Applicants may request up to 80% of the purchase price
  • Applicants may request an additional 8.5% of the Foundation’s contribution to the purchase price towards restoration work during the first and second years after purchase

Please note that Advancing Wetlands Conservation projects may require more than 4 months to review.

Please contact Brad Hanzel to discuss your project idea under this grant category.