Renewable Energy

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation helps non-profit groups and local government organizations to purchase and install renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems, wind turbines and biomass systems. Renewable energy provides heating, cooling, hot water, steam or electricity, in an environmentally sound manner while also lowering or stabilizing utility costs. Before considering renewable energy, make the building as energy efficient as possible so that the installed renewable energy system can be smaller, less costly and able to offset a larger percentage of the energy consumed.

The Foundation's goal, through its support of renewable energy technologies, is to improve the environment, help grow the renewable energy sector in Illinois, create jobs and lower energy costs. We also work with colleges and universities, as well as K-12 schools and teachers around the state to help educate and train Illinois' next generation about the benefits and potential of renewable energy.

Besides the programs that are listed below, all renewable energy proposals are considered twice a year. The application deadlines are in January and July and awards are usually announced in early May and November.

Proposals for the K-12 Wind Schools Pilot and the K-12 Solar Schools Program are only considered in February.