Government Buildings

Most all government owned and operated buildings are eligible under this program. Annual grant application deadlines are March 14 or September 12. Applicants must complete the Lighting Upgrade Grant Application electronically to be considered for this program. The application requires a listing of the exact number of each type of lighting fixture to be upgraded, showing the rated wattage of each fixture type currently and the wattage of each fixture type after the upgrade has been completed.

Funding Guidelines


  • Eligible facilities: Stand-alone local government buildings providing: administrative, fire, law enforcement, emergency response, public works and other governmental services. 

  • Eligible Applicants: Local government agencies including: municipalities, villages, towns, townships, fire protection districts & county sheriffs.

  • Ineligible Applicants: Public library, K-12 school, park district, college/university, and other facilities covered by past Foundation lighting upgrade programs are NOT eligible under this program.

  • Eligible work for funding: These grants may pay for upgrades to the lamps, ballasts and/or controls in existing indoor lighting systems that reduce electricity demand. Grants are only made available to projects that are no further along than the lighting evaluation and design stage.

  • Ineligible work for funding: Replacement of incandescent lamps with screw-in compact fluorescent lamps in fixtures.

  • Formula-based grant awards based on $500/kW saved from efficiency upgrade:
    • Maximum amount available per building: $30,000 with a maximum cap of $120,000 for INDOOR improvements
    • $40,000 for OUTDOOR improvements
    • Maximum annual amount available for a single local government: $160,000