Energy Efficiency

Funding Opportunities for 2015

To learn more about our energy efficiency grant opportunities and how to apply online, please use the links below to access guidelines and criteria for each funding opportunity.
Through its Energy Efficiency Program, the Foundation will continue to support nonprofit organizations and local governments in their efforts to reduce energy consumption in buildings and important process operations like waste water treatment. By reducing energy consumption, nonprofits and local governments help the environment and save taxpayers money.  

The program focus for 2015 will continue to be improvements to lighting and space conditioning systems in existing buildings and the "greening" of new construction. To evaluate the performance, costs and energy savings from street/roadway lighting fixtures, the Foundation will offer a one-time competitive Street and Roadway Lighting Pilot Program to up to twenty (20) eligible government agencies.

The Foundation's Waste Water Program for publicly owned and operated waste water treatment plants will be expanded in 2015 to include publicly owned Potable water treatment and distribution agencies. The newly renamed Water Energy Efficiency Program will continue to accept applications twice a year as part of the competitive grant cycles on January 13 and July 14. Funding will be available for improvements ranging from aeration systems to solar photovoltaics to bio-gas recovery.

Eligible applicants designing LEED buildings at the Silver, Gold or Platinum levels of certification can continue to apply for design/commissioning and capital systems funding in a single application as part of the Foundation's High Performance Green Buildings Program. Please review this program as requirements and incentives available for renewable energy systems have changed for 2015.